Survive Your Moving Day Without Losing Your Mind

Written by Charley Bowling on Aug 2, 2020


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You’ve had this date circled on your calendar for weeks. You’ve known it was coming and did your best to prepare. But still the idea of Moving Day fills you with anxiety. You know it’s not going to be easy. 

Take a deep breath and promise yourself that you’re going to remain calm and somehow everything will work out. Just follow these simple suggestions to get through your moving day with flying colors.

Check the weather

If you’re moving from or to the Seattle / Lynnwood, WA area, there’s a good chance you’re going to be doing at least part of your move in the rain. Check weather reports and make decisions accordingly. For example, if you know the morning will be nice but the afternoon won’t, get started moving as early as possible to beat the rain.

Pack an overnight bag

By the time you get everything unpacked in your new Seattle-area home, you’re likely to be exhausted. Save yourself some trouble by assembling the essentials you’ll need that night in a bag, suitcase or clear plastic bin. 

Include items such as toothbrushes, medications, pajamas, a change of clothes, clean sheets, a towel, your phone charger and your laptop. 

Bonus tip — Throw in a bottle cap opener or corkscrew so you can enjoy a beer or glass of wine once you’ve finally brought the last box into your new home.

Take photos

If you’re going to disassemble any furniture pieces, snap pictures of them first, so you can more easily reassemble them when you get to your new place. 

The same goes for your electronics. Take pictures of how they’re connected so you can remember how and where all the cables go.

Bonus Tip – Use sandwich bags to hold small parts and tape them to the item you’re disassembling.

Put important documents in a labeled box

Items like birth certificates, passports, wills and financial statements can easily get lost or damaged during a move. Gather them together and label the box they’re in for safekeeping.

Don’t overpack boxes

Use as many boxes as you need to create easy-to-lift loads. Pack heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top to prevent damage. 

Most people think larger boxes are for heavier items. The opposite is true. Use smaller boxes for heavier items such as books. Boxes can break open and then the movers have a mess to clean and repack. That takes time and can add to the cost of the move. 

Don’t leave empty spaces in boxes. Fill gaps with crumpled newspaper or foam peanuts to prevent items from shifting during the move.

Color-code boxes

Assign each room a color and then note the color on your boxes with colored tape or PostIts. That way, when you get to your new location, you and your movers can put boxes in their corresponding room. Using colors is easier than trying to read detailed labels or opening boxes to find out what’s in them.

Try these 10 packing tricks

  1. Pack glasses in clean socks.
  2. Stack plates vertically (like in a dish rack) to prevent them from breaking. 
  3. Stuff your luggage (especially if it has wheels), laundry baskets, hampers and garbage cans.
  4. Wrap breakables in clothing, towels or blankets. 
  5. Use pots and other sealable containers to hold small items like spices and gadgets. T
  6. Secure pots and lids together with rubber bands.
  7. To prevent spills use plastic wrap to secure the lids of things like soap, shampoo and other liquids. 
  8. Stow knives inside an oven mitt so no one gets accidentally cut when unpacking the silverware.
  9. Put jewelry in egg cartons to keep necklaces from getting tangled.
  10. Place cotton balls in makeup compacts to keep them from breaking.

Have bottled water available

Moving is hot, sweaty work, especially in summer. Having bottled water handy will help keep energy levels high.

Leave cleaning supplies and garbage bags out until the end

Once you have everything out of the home and out of your way, you’ll be able to quickly finish your cleaning. So hold off on packing the vacuum, broom, sponges/brushes, rags and other supplies for last.

Check everything one last time when done

You don’t want to leave anything behind. Even though you’re sure you got everything, do a final walk-through. Double-check all kitchen cabinets, closets, drawers and appliances (i.e. your fridge) before securing the home and handing over the keys.

Bonus Tip: Take photos of your home once everything is moved out and it’s clean, especially if you’re renting. That way you have proof of the condition of the home to ensure the return of your security deposit.

Getting Settled at Your New Location

Remove boxes as you unpack them

As soon as you’ve emptied a box, remove it from the room, so you’ll have more space to move around and can see all the progress you’re making.

Rekey your new house as soon as possible

You have no way to know who has keys from the previous owners. So we recommend changing the locks on your new home as soon as you move in just to be safe. A locksmith should be able to get the job done in a few hours.

Focus on the positive

Moving is difficult and stressful, but it’s short-term. Keep your eye on the prize. Soon you’ll have your new beginning and be comfortably settled in your new home.

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