What Are Local Movers, and What Do They Do?

Written by Charley Bowling on Jan 18, 2022

Male movers carrying shelving unit into new house

The cost of local moving can increase depending on several factors. You may need more levels of insurance when moving to another state, for instance. Things like planning and the choice of your mover will differ depending on the type of your move. 

If you’re going to hire a moving company, you should know what you want. In this article, we present the critical differences between interstate and local movers.

What Are Local Movers?

A local mover provides moving services within a given area like a town, county, or state. For example, suppose you’re in Washington and moving from Seattle to Bellevue. This would be considered a local move. 

Movers usually define a local move as moving within a radius of fifty five miles. Any move that goes beyond this is a long-distance or intrastate move. This change occurs because distance can affect legal stuff and factors like pricing.

Local moving usually comes with lesser challenges compared to other types of moving. It’s much easier to find a good mover within your hometown, mainly if you rely on referrals. 

You need a local mover and not an intrastate or interstate when moving within your town or country. Local movers might be everywhere in your town, so do your due diligence before picking one.

What Do Local Movers Do? 

Local movers provide all the moving services needed to ensure your goods move safely from your old location. Local movers can make moving effortless if you’re giving them the freedom to do all the heavy work for you. Keep reading for some services to expect from professional movers.

Local Moving

Local moving tends to feel like it’s the easiest type of move. But since it’s still a move, it comes with some challenges that demand some careful move planning

Factors like bad timing, weather, and seasons can turn a simple move into a cause for your headaches. Imagine assuming you can do everything at the last minute. Then when you call your mover, they’re fully booked. 

Moving isn’t usually fun and you shouldn’t underestimate any circumstance no matter how near you’re moving. Professional moving services have the experience to handle unexpected issues in a move. 

You need a reliable, affordable, and efficient mover when you’re moving within your town. You can count on Neo Moving for planned and unexpected moves. 

Packing and Unpacking

Packing and unpacking can be a nightmare without proper planning. It’s one of the reasons to start planning your move way before the actual moving date. It can be time-consuming, stressful, and tiring, so you need a settled mind to do it like a pro.

Movers who understand the frustrations of unpacking may offer this service. With professional packing services, you can rest assured your items will arrive intact in your next home. 

Professional packing services save you time while guaranteeing the safety of your items. You need experience to plan packing and ease unpacking. Professional movers will know how to handle fragile, bulky, and valuable items. 

Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading is usually the hardest part of moving. It can be a dangerous task that can even cause serious injuries when you have bulky items. Not to mention there’s a chance of mishandling and damaging heavy and valuable equipment.

How can you protect your items and maintain safety during loading and unloading? The best way is to partner with reliable, experienced, and well-equipped movers. This is necessary for both local and long-distance moving. 

Professional movers have expert staff and tools to streamline loading and unloading. Some lifting work that you think you can do with the help of friends can lead to injuries. Professionals can give you peace of mind by doing all the heavy work. 

Commercial Moving

Office or commercial moving can be the hassle of a lifetime, especially in a place like Washington. Rent is already expensive, so you need to find a way of reducing the various moving stressors. 

One way is by using a professional mover with experience in running smooth commercial moving processes. Usually, experienced movers can deliver a hassle-free commercial move. They can provide packing, assured insurance, and arranging items in your new office.

Do not worry about heavy, fragile, or assembled equipment when dealing with Neo Moving. We provide comprehensive services from packing, loading to assembling fixtures and equipment. This is a moving convenience to keep you peaceful when we’re handling your items. 

Assembling and Disassembling of Bulky Items 

One of the serious problems when moving is the headache that comes with assembled items. To move them safely, you need a pair of careful hands to do the disassembling.

Disassembling is a critical issue because it can affect the lifespan of an item. Professional movers can protect your stuff by managing the process with a lot of caution.

Disassembling items like furniture is a must for short and long-distance moves. If you’re doing it yourself with children around, it can be even more work. Expert movers have the tools and staff to make this process easy and safe. 

You now know what a local mover is and what they do. But you’re probably still wondering what’s their difference with interstate movers. Read on to discover the differences.

What Are Interstate Movers?

An interstate mover provides moving services from one state to the other. They can help you move across borders. A perfect example is a mover transporting your items during a move from Washington to Oregon.

Interstate moves mean moving a long distance and sometimes involve crossing several borders. With more distance or crossing borders comes more moving costs and different legalities. 

Moving bulky items over a long distance can complicate the process. You have to decide whether you’ll ship or sell your items. Finding an affordable way of interstate moving is always a reasonable consideration. 

What Do Interstate Movers Do?

An interstate mover provides almost the same services as a local mover but over a long distance. They can pack, and unpack, load and unload, and disassemble and assemble. 

But given the challenges of long-distance moves, interstate movers may provide storage services. Transitioning from your old home to a new home must be smooth. But for this to happen, you need transitory storage services.

Interstate movers may also provide special shipping for bulky, valuable, and fragile goods. Anything can happen during transit, so take all the measures to protect your stuff. Special shipping options may provide reliable insurance coverage for long-distance moving. 

Then if you have a car or several cars, you may not want to drive to your new home. With professional interstate moving services, you can rely on their car shipping services. This applies to residential and commercial moves. And there are shipping options for items like machinery. 

Differences Between Local and Interstate Movers

The main difference between local and interstate moving is the miles and the states involved. Local moving happens within one state while interstate moving involves two states. 

Crossing borders makes a move interstate regardless of the distance involved. This is because crossing borders means dealing with different moving bylaws and regulations. 

A local move over 55 miles changes into an intrastate move. Longer distances usually affect pricing. It’s more reasonable to pay on the weight of items when you’re moving long distances. 

Let’s have a look at the key differences between local and interstate moves. 


Most of the time, local moves are cheaper than interstate moves. The average cost of an interstate move is $4300. This is almost double the average cost of a local move.

The pricing difference is mostly because you’re moving a shorter distance. Extra services like car shipping can also make interstate moves costlier. 

Interstate movers usually charge shipping based on the freight weight. The heavier items you’ll move, the higher the amount you’re likely to pay. Many people sell their bulky items and remain with essentials when moving long-distance. 

Local movers will charge you per hour. The longer you stay assigned with a mover, the more you’re likely to pay. With proper planning and entrusting the heavy work to movers, you can speed up the process. This way, you can keep your moving costs low.

Preparation and Organization

Planning and preparing for a move is usually not easy. The process brings more challenges when you’re planning for an interstate move. 

You can call Neo Moving on short notice if you’re moving within Washington. But with a long move, there are several pre-tasks to complete before calling a mover. 

Every successful move begins with looking for a good mover. Many interstate moves usually end with scams. The Better Business Bureau records over 13,000 complaints about movers every year. 

A moving checklist is a must-have when preparing for a move. Organizing an interstate move means setting aside adequate planning and research time. It’s best to figure out the essentials for long-distance moving two months before moving day. 

Ample preparation for an out-of-state move means proper decluttering. Remaining with fewer items is the secret to reducing the hassles and the cost of longer moving. 

Get rid of unnecessary items like heavy-worn furniture and dead equipment. You can donate overstayed clothing. You can also call a dumpster to help you remove all the excess stuff. 

There are many similarities between choosing a local mover and an interstate mover. The points where you must draw the line are when you’re looking at the legal stuff, licensing, and insurance. 

As a rule, confirm whether your mover is insured and licensed. These are the only verifiable proofs you’ll have protection in case of damage or loss of your items. 

An interstate mover may need an additional license to move you to another state. To confirm this, ask them for their USDOT number. With it, you can check whether your interstate is appropriately registered. 

It’s also Federal law for interstate movers to provide more levels of coverage. The best protection for your goods is Full Value Protection. Under this cover, the mover may replace or repair or offer a cash settlement for lost or damaged goods. 

The other option is to choose a Release Value Protection for your goods. It’s cheaper but it covers the bare value. It’s also a good idea to look for third-party insurance if you’re transporting valuables. 


Whether you’re moving local or interstate, it helps to have access to transitory storage. Having reliable storage before, during, and after the move can make the process seamless. 

Storage services can provide a perfect spot for holding your goods if you’re moving to a new state. You may want to clean before moving. Or sometimes the move takes the whole day, and you’re not able to confirm your goods. 

The mover can store your goods until you’re ready for the move or to confirm satisfactory delivery. Reliable moving companies can keep your items safe for five to fifteen days. 

Storage services offered by the leading moving companies are usually of the best quality. Every mover wants to please customers and get extra business from referrals. For this reason, they’ll provide the best customer service to leave a good impression. 

Storage is usually an extra service. It may increase the final totals of your moving cost. But it’s a key consideration when you’re looking for professional moving services. 

The Key Differentiator for All Types of Moving

Knowing the difference between interstate and local moving helps you avoid the wrong company and plan your move well. The moving industry is full of scams. By understanding the difference, you can choose a company that keeps your move smooth. 

All moves need proper planning. Knowing which company suits your needs is the way to overcome planning hurdles. Professional moving companies will guide and lead you from the move planning phase to the actual move. 

You’ve heard people saying moving can cause sleepless nights. But this is never the case when you’re working with a team of local movers at Neo Moving

We’ll let you enjoy your sleep while we do the heavy lifting with our comprehensive moving services. Do you need a professional mover in Washington state? Contact us today for a stress-free moving experience.